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Following are the relative's pictures.

Please check your photo at the link of Photo of Near Relatives-2, 3, Photo album & Other Photo Page.

Current Photo which I collect from facebook .


Didi & Jamaibabu

Soma & Deep

Sanju & Piya

Jayeeta , Anup & Aritra

Soumya & Bidisha

Elder Brother wih his family at Vivekananda Rock

Babli & her Pisima

My Sister in law with her family

Babuson, Pinki wirh their Son

Myself & Babli at Chandrabhaga

My Son at "Annaprashan"

Myself & Babli

My Family at Konarak

Didi & Jamaibabu

Myself , Babli & Pragyan at Digha

My son Pragyan

My Brother & Family


My Mother with My Son

Myself & My Parent at Musourie

My Sister in Law

My Grandmother - My etc.etc....

My Son Pragyan

Family at the time of my wedding.

Bara Mamababu & Masimara

Didima & Mampi

My nephew-Rohit

Ma & Babli in front of Kedar Trmple

My Parent with other family members at Mousourie

Sister in law mother in Law my mother & Son Elder Bro's mother in law

Mampi & her family

Sonali Pradip

My Mother at Birla Temple , Hyderabad

My Parent at Khajuraho

My parent at Khajuraho

My Na & Chhoto Pisima

My Parent at Hrishikesh

Myself & Parent at Dhumadhar Waterfalls , Jabbalpur

My Wife at Puri

At Dhanuskoto , sangam of Bangoposagar , arab sagar & Bharat Mahasagar , Few kilometers away from Rameswaram